March is Women’s History Month. Although we should celebrate girl power daily, it is always nice to take a moment and pay homage to those who inspire you. Whether it is someone you know, just met or follow on social media; showing someone that you appreciate and notice their hard work is always a nice to gesture. You should always aspire to inspire! To celebrate, this post will highlight women who I follow and find inspirational.

Dayna Bolden – Blogger/Entrepreneur

A friend of mine told me about Dayna and I’ve been following her ever since! She has such a down to earth personality and is genuinely interested in helping others win. Her story about going from 9-5 to entrepreneur is definitely relatable and inspiring. Her Insta-stories and IG lives are full of gems on topics from social media branding to being focused on your craft. Dayna’s tagline is “Do everything with love, passion, and style.” And that’s exactly what she does! Her love for her craft along with her go-getter attitude is what inspires me. She is also very down to earth when replying on social media!

Alex Elle – Author/Wellness Consultant

If you’ve never seen a post from DMV Native Alexandra Elle you have to be living under a rock! Her poetry and story-telling piece are all over social media. She uses her words to encourage self-love and self-care. She also hosts a podcast and teaches workshops focused on wellness. Alex has 4 books available for purchase on on Amazon. She also has an upcoming book signing at Politics and Prose in DC.

Mattie James – Lifestyle Blogger/Influencer

I stumbled across Mattie randomly on social media. Her tweets immediately spoke to me so I signed up for her newsletter, MattieMinute. These short, daily emails focus on becoming better at work and simply in life. I often share snippets from the newsletter on my Instagram story and get a lot of positive reactions. I always recommend signing up for it if you’re looking for a little daily encouragement. She also shares a lot of tips and tricks on branding and blogging via her website