2017 has been my year to do dope things. When the year started, I set out to be more social, have more adventures, and overall live life to the fullest. With a busy schedule it can be hard but it has definitely proven to be worth it. This week’s adventure was to DC’s First Interactive Art Gallery, Artechouse.

Letter Tree

Over the past couple of week’s I have seen more and more pictures of it pop up on Instagram. So many of my friends had been and I just had to find out what was this new, intriguing space. Once I found out and was able to visit their Instagram for myself, the nerd in me screamed let’s go!

The current exhibit is called XYZT: Abstract Landscapes. It uses imagery and digital art to create a sensory experience of the four dimensions: X (horizontal), Y (vertical), Z (depth), and T (time). It includes about 11 different pieces, several of which respond to movement and are great for pictures (no flash allowed though). I felt like a kid in a candy shop interacting with many of the pieces.

It is different than the experience you get at most museums where you are just there to see the artwork. In this space, you get to become a part of the art work. If you go after 5:30pm, only people who are 21+ with a proper ID area allowed because they have a bar. Also unlike the Smithsonians, Artechouse is not free. Tickets are $25 per adult and must be purchased in advance because there are time slots. IMG_1829

As with most DC spaces, the most frustrating part about the space is figuring out parking and finding the building. It is located in a building between a pizza shop and a Potbelly’s. The naked eye would not see it at first so make sure you do that thing where you turn the music down so you can see. There is a garage right beside the building as there is not much street parking in the area.

The last day for the XYZT exhibit is September 3 so if the pictures sparked your creativity make sure you head there before the end of summer.