I love Mexican food! Quesadillas, fajitas, nachos, tacos….I love them all. There’s no better way to celebrate National Taco Day than by talking about some of the best tacos I’ve had in the D.C. area.

D.C. has some amazing food options. And I’m not talking your everyday, Taco Bell or On the Boarder. Lots of them are smaller chain restaurants or mom/pop type of places. I’m a foodie so I am always down to try new places. If you’re looking for a good taco, check out some of the places below (no particular order).

  1. Lauriol Plaza
    Lauriol Plaza has to be one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. Amazing food and even better drinks. In the summer, you can sit outside on the patio with a street view or admire from the rooftop. The rooftop area is also heated so you can enjoy it in the fall and winter too. I’ve never ordered anything bad here, from shrimp tacos to fajitas. Make sure to get a pitcher of margarita with your tacos. My favorite is the Sangarita!

    Lauriol Plaza
    Lauriol Plaza
  2. El Rey
    My first time ever going to El Rey’s was on Cinco De Mayo a few years back. They had a happy hour deal on tacos and margaritas. This was also the first time I had guacamole that I actually enjoyed! The tacos were amazing; I think I had about 2 orders once the margaritas kicked in!
  3. Guapo’s
    I went to the Guapo’s in Bethesda but was excited to learn that they have a location in D.C. They also offer outdoor seating during the summer with a cover for fall. The tacos were awesome. Another place with good food and even better drinks!
  4. Brass Tap
    I’ll warn you now, this is not the typical place you go for tacos. Brass Tap is an everyday bar at the National Harbor. That’s what makes it such a gem! I ordered chicken tacos when I went and they were unexpectedly good. Check them out for a bite on your way to MGM.
  5. Surfside DC
    I am a sucker for a good food truck! Hence why I love when Truckeroo season comes around. I tried Surfside this summer and it leads me to one word: delicious! Tacos and rice on a sunny day (or any day for that matter) is always what I need. If you are a food truck chaser like me, you’ve got to chase them down. I also recently just came across their storefront in Dupont Circle and it is open 24/7!

What’s your favorite place to get a taco? Share in the comments!