One thing about me (and I’ve said this many times before) is that I am very optimistic. I also strongly believe in education. When I say that, I do not mean that I think everyone should go to college, get a degree, and end up in tons of debt like the rest of us. I simply mean that I think it is great to never stop learning about things you are passionate about. Whether that is through a 4-year institution, trade school, or simply watching YouTube videos; there is always more you can learn.

Over the years I have developed a passion for makeup. And by passion I mean if you look at my bank statement you would think Ulta and Sephora are bill collectors. I watch tons of YouTube videos (AaliyahJay, MakeUpShayla & Naturally Sunny are my faves) but I wanted to learn more about this hobby. I had learned lots from YouTube (AaliyahJay’s eyelash tutorial saved my life) but I wanted to make sure that I was comfortable enough to work on other people. Maybe even turn it into a way to earn extra income.

In most states, Maryland included, there is no such thing as a licensed makeup artist (MUA). You can be a licensed esthetician which means you’re skilled in skincare, facials, waxing, etc. But not strictly a makeup artist, which is why most MUAs proclaim that they are self-taught. You can also earn a certificate in makeup artistry and that is what I did to help develop my self-taught skills.



When I told people I was taking a makeup class, their first question was always “Where?” And they always seemed shocked at the answer. Which led me to writing this post because more people should know about the resources in their backyard.

I earned my certificate from Prince George’s Community College. I usually call it the 13th grade when it comes to education but it can be a great source for continuing education courses. You would be amazed at what you can learn at your local community college. Most offer courses in a variety of topics that can help you expand your expertise or find a great side hustle. It also helps that they often cater to the working adult by offering classes on nights and weekends. From hair braiding, photography/videography, or event planning there’s tons of things you can learn.

To earn the makeup artistry certificate, I had to take 2 courses both 4 weeks long. The classes were once a week, 3 hours long, and I went after work which made it convenient. The teacher was contracted meaning that she wasn’t just someone who created the class. She is a working MUA who also teaches for a company outside of the community college. She was able to share her portfolio along with information on what works for her. For example, her bridal contract and how she prepares for her clients.





All the makeup looks we created on ourselves so we didn’t have to worry about someone else making us look like a clown. It was a great experience to be in a room full of girls who were also interested in makeup. (Girls who love makeup can sit and talk for days together!) We were able to share information on products we’ve tried, our favorite indie brands, or even our creative processes. We were also able to share tips and tricks to help each other out. At the beginning of each session, the teacher would ask what we were interested in learning as a group that way she could focus on the areas that were difficult for us. There was also time at the end of class to ask questions if you struggled with something. For example, I HATED smokey eyes going into the class (my eyes are already dark like raccoon eyes) but they instructor showed me how to do it in a way that was a little less intimidating for me.

Overall, the class was pretty fun. I’ve been able to practice and take what I learned to apply it to other people, other skin types, and even give recommendation to my friends who aren’t as skilled in makeup. I would recommend continuing education classes to anyone who wants to strengthen their skills or even if you are interested in a new hobby. You should never stop learning and taking a class with an expert may help strengthen your confidence in your skill.