This weekend I attended Curlfest for the first time! But everyone keeps asking me….what is Curlfest?

Curlfest is an annual natural beauty festival hosted by Curly Girl Collective in Brooklyn. It was created to celebrate the beauty of black women in a world where we aren’t the majority. 2017 is their 4th year putting together this event but it was my first time attending Curlfest, or any natural beauty festival. I did not know what to expect but I was extremely excited! I have been natural for about 3 years now and although I often wear protective styles it is exciting to be in the presences of other naturalistas. So many other bloggers, hair inspiration galore, and free samples!

Baby Fro

The festival was in Prospect Park, Brooklyn’s second largest public park, so tickets are not necessary of course. But if you want to receive a gift bag you must either purchase early bird tickets for $20 (guaranteed bag) or RSVP (first come, first serve). I decided to purchase an early bird ticket to avoid waiting in line for a gift bag with the slight chance of getting one. The $20 was definitely worth it because the gift bags included full sized products plus samples so it was well worth more than $20 (if you’re natural you know how expensive hair products can be honey!)

I’ll start by saying we had an amazing time! Leaving, I felt so inspired to continue pushing towards my dreams. So many positive vibes. So many compliments. So many beautiful people! There were vendors and sponsors galore. But there were also people galore so you have to be prepared to be patient and wait in lines.Alikay Naturals

The event was scheduled to start at 12pm. We arrived around 11:40am and the line was ridiculous. I mean down the street, around the corner, so long you couldn’t see the end. Luckily for us, we had early bird tickets so our line was shorter (but still pretty long). We waited in line for over an hour before getting our gift bags. And let’s not talk about how they only had one security guard at the front of the line so after waiting all of that time the line was rushed (inserts side eye emoji).

Once we got inside, we knew we weren’t going to stay long because it was so hot and the lines for food were about as long as the line to get a gift bag. And the line for the Creme of Nature booth? Girllllll! We spent a lot of time in that line but it was so worth it. Their gift bag was EVERYTHING! No purchase necessary and you got a full box of hair color, a bottle of their ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) rinse, a compact mirror, a hair pick and several different product samples! Hands down they had the best booth which is why their line was boomin’ like Metro.

Overall, I had an enjoyable time. It is definitely an event that you have to plan for and be prepared. This is an event I recommend for all curly girls and if you plan to go check out my tips below!

Tips for Next Year:

  • Buy early bird tickets! (If you don’t care about the swag bag then skip this. There are plenty of freebies inside the festival)
  • Arrive to the event at least 45mins to an hour early.
  • Be sure to eat before you come.
  • Pack snacks and bottled waters in your bag.
  • Bring a blanket and/or chairs to be comfortable.
  • Dress cute! But still make sure you are comfortable.

Free Samples