What can I say about college? Some of the best times in my life so far. But also some of the craziest experiences. We all know college is expensive and it can be hard to maintain a part-time job (let alone a full time one). And sometimes it’s easier to find odd jobs. Which is how I ended up selling sex toys.

During my junior year of college I started working seasonally as a photographer for a department store. I was under the impression that the manager was going to keep me on as a part-time associate. That didn’t last long. When I noticed I was no longer being put on the schedule I knew it was time to find something else to do. But what? It was pretty late in the game since school was starting back up and places were losing hours. So it was time to get creative. I knew about Multi Level Marketing (MLM) companies like Avon and MaryKay but I didn’t see myself doing that. I needed something that would interest college students.

How it Went Down (no pun intended)

While browsing a group for my school on Facebook, I came across a post where a girl was looking for other girls to join her sales team. The light bulb went off! She was only looking for girls, it’s in sales……has to be sex toys. So I messaged her and boom! I was on my way to selling sex toys.

I honestly don’t know why I thought I was cut out for the job because I tend to be an introvert. But I asked a few of my friends if they would come to or host a party. Pretty much everyone said yes and got excited so I knew I could do it. I had to purchase a kit, of course, with all of the essentials for beginners. Then I started learning about the products and attending parties hosted by my upline. Looking at some of the products made me super nervous! They offered everything from lotions and books to lube and some of the weirdest looking toys you’ll ever see.

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I started to think that I wouldn’t be that comfortable letting everyone know what my new job was. Blasting “Come buy sex toys from me!” is not very ideal for someone who is an introvert. But of course with any business in modern times you have to get it out there on social media. I just wasn’t ready yet. So I decided to set up my kit in my living room and invite some friends over to get some practice on selling. We had such a great time and I felt so comfortable explaining products so I just knew this was going to go great for me. Wrong! To remain active with the company, you had to sell X amount of dollars in products in 3 months AFTER your discount. I bought samples to hand out. Came up with cute ideas and thought of places to hand them out. Got the word out to a few people I knew around campus. I figured this would be easy yet I was wrong again.

Why I stopped

Although almost everyone is open and willing to talk about their sex life in college, it was difficult to get customers. The one thing about trying to sell something as a college student is that everybody is just as broke as you are. They are also just as busy as you are. I reached out to older women that I knew as well and the story went the same way. I met plenty of people who said they were going to purchase things or throw a party and it never worked out. And I never wanted to badger people about making a purchase. I felt like that would be like saying, “I know your sex life really sucks so you need this!”

Between random sales and the few parties I did have, I was able to remain active for a while. But I found myself using the money that was supposed to be my profit to purchase extra items to meet the requirements. Within a year I decided to call it quits. I had picked up a part-time job because I needed steady income. That mixed with school and having a social life left no time to dedicated to sell (or beg) to people. But it’s like as soon as I went inactive people started asking me, “Hey, do you still have that business?”

If you asked me would I sell sex toys again I’d tell you yes! The biggest thing we taught women was to feel beautiful and confident in their sexuality. I had so much fun working for the company and I met some great women. I even reached out to one to host a party a few years after I stopped selling. Maybe now since most of the people I know are working adults I may have a better shot. It’s just the aspect of MLMs that keep me away. But I know plenty of women who use it to their advantage and make great money, especially the ones who I once shared a team with.

If you’re interested in working for a company like this I say go for it. After all, sex sells.