My goal for 2017 was to travel more and I think I’ve been quite successful at it. Although I do prefer to travel by plane, a road trip can be a great experience if you’re prepared for it.
I’ve been on 3 road trips this year; New York (3 hours each way), Philly (2 hours each way) and South Carolina/Florida (16+ hours each way!!). Luckily, I chose to fly back from Florida because 16 hours is extensive! But it was still a trip I won’t forget.
One of the biggest mistakes you can make on any trip is forgetting something. Whether it’s your phone charger or the cute pair of shoes you wanted to wear. It pays to be prepared! Read below for some tips on preparing for road trips.
Made in America Festival in Philly

Road Trip Tips

  1. Make concrete plans or loose plans. No in between.
    One of the hardest things I had to learn about road trips was making the plans. If you aren’t good at staying on task, making concrete plans could be stressful. On the opposite hand, it is also good to make loose plans that. It allows you to go with the flow and see more sights!
  2. Be prepared!
    Get gas the day before. Make sure there are no issues with the vehicle. Set your location in your GPS. Plan out the space in the car so everyone can be comfortable. Plan for traffic.
  3. Dress comfy.
    I love to be comfortable. You don’t want to be cold or hot when you’re in the car for extended periods of time. You can always change your clothes when you’re at your destination.
  4. Pack a positive attitude!
    Who you travel with and why you’re traveling play a big part in your trip. No matter the reason, a positive attitude can take your trip from bad to great. Make a playlist. Bring your favorite snacks. Play car games.

As with any form of travel, your trip is what you make it! Enjoy yourself and make the experience something new. What trips do you plan to take in 2018?