People look at me crazy when I say I love Cardi B. My love for her goes back to her days on Instagram when she was making videos telling it like it is and being hilarious while doing. Just think about the way she has come up in the entertainment industry over the last few years and you will be speechless. She started out as an Instagram comedian/stripper and now she is making history on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She is also in the running for most BET Award nominations alongside DJ Khaled.

I was sitting down with my blogger sister, Bri, a few months ago when she asked me who is my current style inspo. Without hesitation I answered, “Cardi B.” She had the most confused look on her face which was hilarious because if you know me, you know my style is definitely more of a comfy/cute. But I also love fashion (Rihanna is also an all time fave). I love seeing the way celebrities, or even other bloggers, put together an outfit. She continued by asking me “Well how would you describe your style?” And of course I said “Comfy/cute” at first but I followed it by saying “I also like to be a little Sophisti-Ratchet which is why I like Cardi B.”

Whether she is wearing Fashion Nova or Alexander Wang, you have to admit that Cardi B has been KILLING the fashion scene all 2017! From award shows to New York Fashion Week to her performance outfits. She displays her style in a way that is completely unique to her. She knows what works for her figure and she is not embarrassed by wearing inexpensive clothing. She can dress up in a ball gown or dress all the way down to something with little material. And I think it’s so dope!

Check out a few of my favorite looks from Cardi B in the gallery above!

*all pictures have been pulled from Cardi B’s Instagram*