Oh the things you’ll find on Groupon! I attended a Burlesque Show for the first time last weekend. And like many of the events I attend, I did not know what to expect. I thought it would be similar to the movie but let’s face it, nothing ever really is.

When my friend sent the information to our group chat everyone’s immediate response was, “How did you find this?” It was very random to say the least but we were down to go. After all, it’s not everyday that someone sends you a link for something called “The Sweet Spot.”

Howard Theatre is usually standing room only so we purchased reserved seats since we didn’t know how things would play out. The tickets were fairly inexpensive on Groupon ($24 reserved, $12 general admission) so it wasn’t a big deal to upgrade.

The first thing I saw walking in was a woman with her boobs bedazzled. Then I look down to see condoms on the seats. “What are we getting in to?” immediately crossed my mind. I should have known better when I read that the theme for the night was fetishes but I didn’t think much of it. We then see a woman on stage with a leash and collar on. And the drink menu? With names like “The Sweet Spot,” “Leg Spreader” and “Deep Throat,” the drinks definitely fit the theme. And if you ordered all three guess what you ask for? That’s right, a “threesome.” Imagine having that conversation with someone later!

The show wasn’t quite what I had in mind. Remember I’m thinking about the movie with Christina Aguilera. So I’m thinking singing, dancing, the whole event! Nope. There was mostly dancing in little to no clothing, some poetry reading, and a lady who sang “And I’m telling you”; which clearly did not fit the theme. And I’ll be honest, the music wasn’t the best in my opinion. Everything had lots of slow tempos which made the show seem like it was dragging. My friends and I ended up leaving early because we were hungry and couldn’t last the rest of the show. (There was a company selling food but the line was always long.)

Overall, I would say we had a good time. It was a very interesting event for it being our first Burlesque show. I can see us attending another show in the future….just not one we found on Groupon.

Have you purchased tickets to anything interesting on Groupon? Let me know in the comments!