Last week Rihanna shook the world with the launch of her Fenty Beauty collection. Being that I am a makeup enthusiast (and I like Rihanna), I was super excited to see what the line had to offer. There have been whispers about Rihanna coming out with a beauty line for YEARS but it wasn’t until this year that we actually knew that the rumors were true.

The days leading up to her launch had me on edge! I mean her line was set to drop at is 3am EST and I was contemplating all week if I should stay up for it. You know most celebrities will put out something and it is so limited that you have to be one of the first 5 people online.ย I was even willing to be late for work the next morning because I just couldn’t miss out. Clearly I was not thinking straight because of course it was also going to be in Sephora stores which is where I eventually bought it. And you know I didn’t wait until I got off work; I went right to the Sephora in JCPenney’s across from my job.

I was literally in awe of the entire line. I said forget lunch and spent my entire break admiring the collection. I got matched for the Pro Filt’r Foundation (my shade is 380) and ended up walking out with the “Killawat” highlight duo in “Moscow Mule/Ginger Binge” too. I also really wanted the “Trophy Wife” Killawat but I could not give RiRi all of my coins y’all!

Seeing the commercials and pictures showed how truly diverse Rihanna’s line would be. Black women spend the most money in the beauty industry (80% more than non-black women) BUT we are also the most underrepresented. So seeing a line that was specifically catered to make sure every woman found a match was truly amazing. I tried out the whole line but found that the foundation and highlighters were my favorite items. The foundation has a great consistency with buildable coverage and a nice smell. The highlighters are great but just like anything else you have to find which ones work for you (you will see in my swatches that some of them did not appear too well on my skin). I have oily skin so the primer was too soft for me; I like a very matte coverage. And the lipgloss was nice (with an amazing smell) but it was slightly small for the price in my opinion.

All in all I will stan for Rihanna and any other black woman who wants to represent black women! Her first launch went amazing by selling out all of the dark shades in the foundation. I cannot wait to see what she will do next.